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– Money Making Tip #1

Many people overlook the hidden gem in recycling their aluminum cans and foil products. Instead of throwing everything away into one general trash can, bag or receptacle, try dividing them into 2 distinct trash bins. Designate one for your aluminum cans and foil products from cooking and covers, and the other one can be for your general trash.

To put into a better visual and monetary perspective, realize that one 32 gallon average trash bag of aluminum cans can bring you in $3 in spare change!! That is with a conservative estimate of a 32gallon bag weighing 5 pounds at the current average current market rate of 0.25 – 0.35 cents per pound (0.25 cents * 5 lbs = $2.50 – $3.50) per bag. Keep in mind that the price quotes change daily and with today’s volatile markets; it has been fluctuating at greater rates than in previous years.

Another tip that may help is if you were to crush the cans safely by hand or by smashing them with your foot will compress the cans which will allow you to add more per bag. This method can usually double the bag weight to an average of around 10 pounds! Now that can add up to $5 – $7 dollars of easy money per bag.

Now, you may be saying that I don’t drink that many cans of soda per week or month. Well, a good idea may be to team up with your neighbors in filling up a trash bin/receptacle. If you are brash enough you may even volunteer as the designated “Green Friendly Neighbor” that will come around to collect the neighborhood’s aluminum cans from designated receptacles.

One more great tip is for parents that have a child or several children in college. It is likely that in between their studies and work, they are releasing stress by hosting parties at their house or apartments. In addition, there will most likely be several roommates that participate in festivities surrounding beer, Red Bull, and sodas, all of which are contained in aluminum cans. This can be a goldmine of opportunity for college students to collect cans as a good gesture to help clean up and then turn around and drop off the cans at a local scrap dealer. If you are a parent or even a student, then you can surely appreciate any way to add money to your already depleted pockets.

Hope it helps!

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