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– Aluminum Scrap

Listed below are some of the more commonly exchanged aluminum scrap material.  Most people do not know or understand that the value of a lot of material is calculated by the quality, series, and cleanliness of the material.

*If you have any requests or are unsure about what materials are aluminum, please leave a comment and we can update this page with a picture and details.

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6061 Aluminum Scrap: 

  • Gutters
  • House/Building sidings
  • Flooring

Aluminum Scrap - 6061

Aluminum Scrap - 6061

Aluminum Breakage: 

  • Door Knobs
  • Housing Fixtures
Aluminum Cans: 

  • Beer Cans
  • Soda Cans
Aluminum Extrusion: 

  • Custom Brackets
  • Fabricated Aluminum

Extrusion Aluminum Scrap

Extrusion Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum Sheet: 

  • Interior Building Covering
  • Flooring
Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Wheels: 

  • Car Wheels
  • Truck Wheels
Aluminum Wheels

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